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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  January 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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this hour. >> hang in there, it is just a fresh start. >> will every act like an adult. thank you, katie, good luck to you. i'm in for ali velshi who we will talk to later in the hour. we want to start with this, the threats ra real. from when his. was schedules, his wife and father are particularly scared, and the source adds that trump knows what she doing.
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lanny davis says o due to on going threats as recently as this weekend as well as mr. cove hen's continuing operation. his cohen will be postponed to a later date. we have a lot to get through this hour but let's start with cohen. with me ken delanian and hans nichols from the white house. we first got a statement from michael cohen saying he would postpone his afeerns appearance because of the pleases he feels he got from the
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president. and representative steven lynch from massachusetts told our college that he is not sure he believes the stuff about the threats and the committee behind closed doors agreed to issue a subpoena. and now the intelligence committee did not go that far. we have a statement from them in which they said efforts to indaytii intimidate witnesses are textbook mob tactics that we condemn, but we're saying never the less when we started discussions with mr. cohen's attorney, not appearing before congress was not an option. so democrats intend on having him testify in the future before he goes to prison. >> as you mentioned we know he is expected to report to federal business march 6th.
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knowing that timeline, what if any procedures could the house take with law enforcement that we saw or heard at least chairman cummings refer to. do we know these negotiations are set to take place between the oversight committee at this stage. >> without minimizing their perception of threat, the capital is a secure facility. they have lots of experience with high pro file witnefile wi. i have no doubt they can protect witnesses, bring them in secure areas and keep them away from the public, it is a matter of mr. cohen, his wife, and his father-in-law having the feeling that that is the case. >> the president addressed this issue, but in the context of everything that happened with
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him, his lawyer citing ongoing threats as recent as this week. we heard the language that the president and his team used to describe cohen, u but what is h argument here? >> the attention he is bringing, the questions of his credibility throughout. and when we wut these to the president as my colleague peter alexander just did, he said the only thing he is threatened by is the truth, have a listen. >> he says he was threatened by you -- >> he has only been threatened by the truth. he doesn't want to do that probably for me or other clients. he has other clients also, i
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assume. he doesn't want to tell the truth for me or his other clients. thank you very much. now we should just note that it is a breach of protocol to weigh in on any federal investigation. president trump has done that more times than any of us can count. he also talked about potential witnesses for and against him, making numerous comments on twitter. he departed from norms so many times from this we will see what level this rises to. we will get michael cohen's story. it will come out. i think with the value of him testifying before the house in open committee it is for everyone, people at home, to assess his credibility, and that is why public testimony is so crucial. >> thank you both very much, we
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want to bring into the committee. they are launching an investigation into the trump white house. the focus will be the russia investigation and white house security clearances, and this is, at the same time, the same committee that republicans used for a slew of investigations that may recall into the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. congressman, great to talk to you again, walk us through, sir, a little bit of the robertives of this investigation. i also want your reaction to the michael cohen news that happening a short while ago. >> first of all, he needs to testify before congress. i hope that he will come in voluntarily, but what is most disturbing is there has been
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intimidation tactics employed by the president or his team that prevented him from appearing on february 7th. so we have to work with him, assure his safety, and make it clear that mob tactics are unacceptable. they are completely unacceptable in our system of government. >> from what you have seen so far, do you feel he has reached the level of witness intimidation, witness tampering, and what he said about michael cohen? >> what i do know is that he is already being investigated for obstruction of justice. and this type of behavior will just cause more investigations. i don't know the nature of exactly what might have been side that we're not aware of to mr. cohen and his family, but we're aware of certain statements made about his father-in-law. we have to remember this, the president is technically incharge of the justice
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department. when he makes these statements, they can't be taken lightly by michael cohen or other witnesses. now we have to assure his safety and bring him in voluntarily. >> walk us through, tell us a little bit about other individuals that you and your committee are interested to hear from regarding this subject and the other ngss that we outlined. >> there is a lot of issues that the oversight committee be looking into. there are topics ranging from campaign contribution violations. there are other witnesses that mr. cohen would probably tell us about, and i would suspect they would then be called in for further questioning. >> how do you ensure that what your committee is doing now in the way you're launching these
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investigations one way after another, does not fall victim to the accusations that others were making when it was being -- when that committee was being ruled by republicans and going after hillary clinton's e-mails and what many thought were trumped up political investigations. >> i think we have to remember why the american people hired us to be in the majority. they want us to act as a check and balance on the president and the administration. there was no oversight. we will have to deal with drug prices and other pocketbook items that hopefully we can come together on and make progress. >> as you know there subpoena a lot of drama between the white
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house and speaker pelosi. she is holding firm, she told the president there will not be an address if the government is still shut down. here is what the speaker said just seconds ago. it is a little hard to hear, hopefully you will make it out. >> why not invite him to come back. >> the government is closed. it is very clear. i wrote to him a second time to say since the government is shut down, let's work together, on a mutually agreeable day and we can welcome you to the capitol for a state of the union address. the government is still shut down, i still made the offer. we needed a mutually agreeable
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date. she is saying she offered the president a chance to move, put it at another time after the government shut down is over. that has not happened, she is saying the government is still shut down. there will be no state of the union in the house chamber, what is your reaction to that? >> i think when 800,000 people are not getting paid, it is not the time to do the state of the union address. let's just schedule it for a different date. it's not like it will never happen, it just will not happen now. the government is shut down, this is not an appropriate time for it.
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>> i want to emphasize michael cohen's interview back in december when he was asked why he thought the president was lashing out. >> why do you think president trump is lashing out against you in such a personal way. almost daily now, is he afraid? >> it seems like it. that's what he does. that's what he does. >> are you afraid of him? >> it's never good to be on the wrong side of the president of the united states of america. but somehow or another this task has now fallen on to my shoulders. and i will spend the rest of my life fixing the mistake that i made. >> how? >> one day at a time. >> joining me are my guests now. i jumped the gun and introduced
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danny earler wi nny earlier in . let me get your reaction of what michael cohen was expressing. he said it is never good to be on the wrong side of the president of the united states of america. legally speaking michael cohen saying he is afraid for his life, what does that do from a legal perspective. anyone that threatens or correctly persuades a witness not to testify in an official proceeding commits the crime of federal witness tampering. >> has the president reached that level from your legal expertise? from what he has tweeted, the names he has called. >> that's where i was going with on the other hand, standing up and saying this witness is a liar and he is only testifying to save his skin and these prosecutors, the people he made
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a deal with is 101 criminal defense when you're dealing with a cooperating witness. on the other hand, because this is the president of the united states, not a lawyer or a p department calling this person a liar. this is essentially the department of justice. the head of the d.o.j. calling this person a liar. maybe things are difference when you have the power of the white house behind you. >> is the president, she commander chief. he also has millions of nowers down there that he can't control. he is always this kind of control that there is a notion where she carrying a tremendous amount of weight. it is a lawyer, accused of being a witness of threatening an
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investigati investigation. >> it is president of the united states, she the target of a criminal investigation, i have president trump's january 18th tweet in front of me. he has been con vicked of perjury and fraud. that is whperjury and fraud. he added one last thing. he said watch father-in-law exclamation point. that is the part that is really problematic. >> it may cross the line. here is why. has a former career prosecutor,
12:16 pm
the guy that flipped on me, the guy snitching on me, watch his father-in-law, that crosses the line. there is more investigating that needs to be done, but that may be witness tampering. let me do a "yes and" to what he said. when he was a candidate, he was a regular citizen, it doesn't carry the weight as it does now where the president of the united states, the head oaf the department of justice, says watch father-in-law. could he have been saying someone might spill the beans on his father-in-law. but when you're the president and you have the full force of the government, the country behind you, and you make a statement like that, the
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implicit threat is much more pronounced. >> glenn, quickly, who wins and loses here and can it be quantified in these terms? >> unfortunately i think the american people lose. hopefully it will only be a delay, it will not be scuttled d all together. and hopefully we will stet get that fireman michael cohen, but i understand why he feels his family was put at risk by statements from the president and giuliani as well. >> he says that michael cohen will testify, we'll have to see if that is before he goes to prison, thank you both for your time. for more on the white house respond to speaker eer pelosi,
12:18 pm
nichols is back with us again. >> she said read the later, it is very clear, no invite to the president of the united states for the state of the union until the government shut down is resolved. when the president was told this earlier today, he said i'm not surprised. but here is the thing, he sure looked surprised. and later when my colleague asked him about it, he said we'll see, we'll see. they may bring the journalists back in, the pool back in, there is an opportunity for the president to talk about this yet again, but it seems like the ball is now in the president's court and nancy pelosi's resolve on this is firm. we're talking about so much more than just whether or not the president will give his speech as a certain location. we're talking about how well these two leaders and power
12:19 pm
centers can get along and resolve the government shut down. i don't feel like i'm going too far out on a limb and i think we can look at those in tandem and parallel. >> thank you, hans nichols at the white house, i will probably speak to you again soon. coming up, a country in crisis. president trump recognizing the interim president of venezuela. what it means and what affect it will have on the troubled countries acquisition movement. countries acquisition movement
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today. we heard that all options are on the table, are you considering a military option for venezuela. >> all options always, all options on the table. >> joining me now andrea mitchell, host of "andrea mitchell reports." great to have you with us on this busy day. i would like to get your comments on what we saw and the times of the president and the vice president saying they now recognize the interim president as the leader of venezuela. >> he has had the support of the administration very strongly. vice president pence tweeting out a statement partly in spanish calling on the people of venezuela to support goydo.
12:25 pm
they have been suspensed by nicholas maduro, the authoritarian leader, who was recently sworn in for a second term, but this was declared ill legitimate by most dmoblg sis, by lat -- democracies. other countries have not immediately recognized him but he certainly has the support and maduro does not. and venezuela has been a i did sas per. there are inflation of 20 million percent. millions of people left and exiled themselves or been exiled. this was once a prosperous democracy, a jouewel of latin america. he was in his regime and his administration, and it has been a disaster on all counts, both
12:26 pm
democratically and politically. >> we have gotten word from nicholas midaduro saying he is breaking all ties with the u.s. and he is giving 72 hours for all military to leave the country. so what strategy, response, and policy does the united states have with their neighboring allies. what possible escalation could we see from the trump white house? >> firstly there will be economic sanctions immediately and they can do a great deal in terms of the economy and there are military options, you heard the president saying all options are on the table. there could be a blockade of oil exports.
12:27 pm
that is the principal part of the economy. they have the richest reserves but they're pumping 1.1 million barrels a day in. so they have -- their output has been significantly halved, but they're still a major exporter of oil, so there are many ways the u.s. could squeeze them, but you could imagine military steps that could involve rescuing americans. but there is also a u.s. embassy and they have to most certainly have options for getting our people out of there, but this could be a dicey 24 hours to say the least. >> yeah, it could be a real crisis. andrea mitchell, always a pleasure, thank you. president trump said it is a shame what is happening with the democrats, that's his reaction after speaker pelosi rebuffed
12:28 pm
his attempt to have the state of the union at korng. they say they not authority the address until the government is reopened. leann, good to have you with us on this day, a lot going on behind you this afternoon. what did she have to say, speaker pelosi, that just walked behind you a few seconds ago. >> speaker pelosi, hoyer, and kliburn. when asked if the senate could host it, she said you will have to ask the senate that. hoyer said the president needs to open the government, that is first and fore most, that is what they need to do and there is a lot of brak and forth here.
12:29 pm
we spoke to nancy pelosi about 30 minutes ago to see what she sad to say about the state of the union. id wrote to him and asked him to sit down and work together, we can welcome you to the capital to give a state of the union address. the government is still shut down, i still make the offer. the original date was mu it chully agreeable somutually agr. the government has to be reopened before the discussions can happen and before the state of the union takes place. really what trump did today in his response in his response to pelosi is he dared her to cancel the state of the union and she
12:30 pm
took it. >> i want to go out on a limb and say this is symbolic of the entire break down of information between the democrats and the speaker, really. over shutting down the government, is that correct? safe to make that assumption? >> yeah, there is a huge break down in governing, there is a huge break down in decorum, in the institutions, in the sense of the president rails on a daily basis against the fbi, the justice department, a whole host of things, and now for the first time she hahe is having to try governor wi govern with a divided government. i think she unaware of what can stop his whole agenda if he doesn't work with them or come to a table to compromise. i think he is learning that lesson very quickly but he is still very dug in and has not
12:31 pm
talked about reopening the government while democrats are saying why don't we reopen the government and let's talk about the policy issue. all of the other things that do not have to be involved with a policy difference of a border wall. thank you, leann. furloughed workers were on capitol hill today to hold a silent 33 minute process. they said they need to go back to work to feed their families, one worker said this about the government shut down impact. >> i contemplated clearly taking something out of my retire to get through. if this goes past this paycheck. >> that will be a huge penalty for that. >> yeah. >> 800,000 federal workers will miss their second paycheck on friday after the government failed to reopen by yesterday's payroll deadline. the average federal worker has
12:32 pm
missed more than $5,000 in wages since the shutdown began. a new cbs poll shows that the president's approval is at 36% and 71% say the border wall is not worth the shut down. joining me now is angela kelly, a furloughed worker and single parent who is now an uber driver to pay the bills. thank you for your time. i know that you handle payroll as parptt of your job at the burro, when do you think you're going to see your next paycheck. what hope or optimism do you have, if any. >> my hope is that come monday we're called back so we can have a paycheck at the beginning of the month, but the likelihood of that is virtually null. if we don't start working next week by the 15th, we won't see a
12:33 pm
paycheck until the 22nd if go back any time in between that. it is -- very heartbreaking. it is very heartbreaking. >> yeah, and i can only imagine how difficult this time has been. i know you're trying to make ends meet by working at an uber driver. talk to us about that experience. is it enough to make ends meet for you with what you're doing now and your obligations? >> no. it definitely is not. it is not an income that replaces what i have previously had with the federal government. it buys me daily fresh fruits and vegetables and puts gas in the car. i'm lucky if i get $50 a day. and that is a good day. >> how do you explain this to the younger members of your family, grandchildren, children,
12:34 pm
nephews, nieces, the younger members that are trying to make sense of this, how do you explain that to them, what's the impact on your family? >> currently i have custody of my 3-year-old granddaughter, and there is no explaining. you just try to make every day the same for them. and make sure there is stability there welcome the routine is the same as if i was going to work. as if nothing has changed because you really don't want it to affect them. you kind of internalize it. >> where have you turned to for support? i understand that you have started -- you created a go fund me page, has that been a source of help for you in this difficult time? >> yes, it has. it definitely helped a great deal. it afforded know be able to pay
12:35 pm
the car insurance so i could drive uber. to have a daily source of income, and pay the bills that are coming due. i was grateful to have f forbearances for my car loan, but those are about to expire. >> i want today get your final message, if you could speak to the president of the united states and speaker pelosi, what would your message into to our politician politicians? >> find common ground. both sides need to listen and find ltt common ground. meet in the middle and no one will get exactly what you want, but it is democracy. we need to come together and get people back to work.
12:36 pm
>> angela kelly, i know my words may not need much, but thank you, we're rooting for you. if you would like to help hundreds of thousands of americans that are trying to make ends meet, you can give to your local food pantry or anyone that is giving good to the government workers that are not getting paid. and most importantly, as you heard there from ms. kelly, find the number for your senator, call and make your voice heard. more breaking news, president trump is speaking right now about his disinvitation for the state of the union, he said speaker pelosi did it because she didn't want to hear the truth, but this clash is hardly the only thing that the white house is sugling right now. we're going to talk to michael
12:37 pm
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i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the trump white house is facing a shut down that has lasted over a month, the president is speaking about this again right now. for more on this, i'm once again joined by show regular welcom,
12:41 pm
ni nichols. >> the president now developed his response and says nancy pelosi is cancelling the state of the union because she is aphrase of someone, but number two is cancel lace. maybe president trump, maybe president trump has accepted that he won't be giving the state of the union on capitol hill or least on the capital side. i tried to press on whether or not they would be open to the idea of doing it in the senate. she did not entirely rule that out, now he is accusing nancy
12:42 pm
pelosi of doing it because she is scared. >> we have about 18 minutes in so we could probably get a few more hits from you before the top of the hour. >> joins us now is david and sabrina. we have seen it playout over the past hour while we have on on air. quite remarkable to see high level politicians engaging back and forth. >> it is remarkable that the house speaker all by dared her to disinvite him. but i think what you're seeing is a great deal of confidence in their position. this is a shut down that was caused by the president insisted by a border wall that is popular in his base but not among the broader public.
12:43 pm
one poll out today showing seven in ten americans don't think a border wall is worth a government shut down. i think more democrats feel like the more pressure they amplify the more untenable their position becomes. >> to that point, because i know you have written about the president's lack of ability to make a deal, how duh that play into everything you're watching right now with the state of the union and the government shut down. >> the president makes an hour that he would follow through and accept an off. we can make the compromise, extending this daca program for younger immigrants. and the actual words calm out on paper and it is a more hard line deal, republicans are saying they don't know what the
12:44 pm
president wants in a deal, what would get him over the final hurdle. they said it takes about half of the money that the president was calling for. and then he said no, i'm holding out for the full five. both sides seem uncertain. as we know the general public is not in support of this border wall, but more republicans have supported the idea of a wall and the president even if he is taking a hit right now he believes down the road with his reelection campaign people will remember him putting up the fight. he believes that is the wider strategy right now. >> let me take for you a position that was just articulated on our air by a furloughed government worker. we said what is your message to them, and she said we hope they find common ground.
12:45 pm
it doesn't look like there is any room for common ground. are you seeing any kind of movement to suggest that a attempt to find common ground is under way from anybody? >> i think that the two votes that are expected in the senate tomorrow will large i will be symbolic. they are competing issues. one is the president's office to temporarily fund a wall. the other is a clean bill backed by democrats that would reopen the government without allocating anything. even as some of the drama plays out, you have house appropriators working on a counter offer to president trump. it would not appropriate any money for the wall, but it does include an offer for more border security funding that could go toward improving infrastructure
12:46 pm
and adding staff at ports of entry. i think there are some efforts to get back to the negotiating table, but as it all unfolds there is roughly 800,000 federal workers working without pay. and the impact of the shut down, that will only es ka lay more and more pressure on the white house and lawmakers on capitol hill. >> what is the white house next steps here now that they she that sis his testimony going forward. >> they have been trying to under cut him as an effective pub luck per sewn in a. he any potential public statements he might make to congress. so far they seem to have been
12:47 pm
effect i have. we don't know what kind of threats the white house may have made, but the president himself saying just moments ago that the only thing threatening cohen is the truth, sort of the same argue. -- argument. the president feels like this is their best chance to under cut any witnesses against them. >> thank you. >> up next, world leaders discussi discussing how to close the economic gap and help working class people that are being left behind. ali velshi will join us live from the world economic forum in davos next on msnbc. n msnbc. i don't keep track of regrets.
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try alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief, plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. oh, what a relief it is! thousands of business and political leaders and other members of the global elite are focusing on a host of economic and political issues as they meet in davos, switzer and lad this week for the economic forum. my colleague ali velshi is taking part in the event, leading a panel discussion focus og on inequality around the world and what can be done to fix it. he joins us live from davos. ali, good to speak to you once again, my friend. what is the big takeaway from this discussion?
12:52 pm
this is something we've talked a lot about whether it be turkey, brazil or even here in the u.s. >> yes. this is as you know one of the topics i focused most keenly on. i guess the issue is here, look, here at davos, the global elite here and business leaders and ngos, they tend to be globalist and tend to believe in open trade or more trade. unless the trump administration is here, which they're not, this tends to be very free trade group of people. but for decades, journalists, academics, economists, business leaders, country leaders, have been selling this idea of free trade being great. it's great for corporate profitability and great for gdp growth and workers. they were right on two fronts, not the worker front. i spoke to christian freeland as part of the panel. here's what she said about it -- >> i think the starting point has to be exactly where i began, that is to acknowledge gloibl
12:53 pm
capitalism in westernized countries and westernized democracies over the past 40 years have not been delivering for the middle classes in our country. and there are variations between countries. ali is quite right. the hallowing of the middle class is not as severe in canada as it is, for example, in the united states. but the trendlines are happening everywhere. >> i'm joined here by a columnist for "the new york times" who also follows these issues of economic equality quite closely. bit of a mission around here to address this global issue but it's kind of gangly and awkward the way it's happening because not everybody in the global elite subscribes to what the problem is, let alone how to fix it. >> that's right. look, at the end of the day this is a candidate who's done extraordinarily well in some missions in developing global vaccines and taxling aides. it's been i think pretty good at producing strategies to make the global economic pie bigger. it's pretty awful at dividing
12:54 pm
that economic pie and that, i think, is the reason for this backlash. and not to acknowledge that problem and struggles of the working class, especially in the u.s., as you know well. a time when 70,000 americans are dyeing a year from drugs, 84,000 a year from alcohol, suicide rates are at a 30-year high, life expectancy falling three years in a row for the first time in a century. that's real problems. >> these are not perceived problems. this is not just the media making people angry or even right wing or left wing provocateurs doing it. there's actually something happening with people around the world, maybe different things, but they're feeling it economically and acting politically. >> that's right. look, i come from rural oregon, where my community has been very hard hit by lost jobs and agriculture in timber and light manufacturing. and result is the area is devastated by meth, by family breakdown. i wish some of those voices were participating in some of the panels here.
12:55 pm
>> that's not generally what happens, which leads me to the next question, you do a lot of writing about things people don't have in the front of their minds and sue mersive element of that is you hope they read your stuff and do something. is that inequality around the world something people at davos can tackle? is this their job? can they do it? >> we can certainly do a better job. frankly, it would be useful if more trump administration officials were here. the crisis confronting the working class in the west is crucial. and other countries have done better at it. you quoted chrystia freeland. canada, auto workers lost their jobs in detroit and windsor, on ontario from globalization. those auto workers on the windsor side of the border were so much better off than those on the american side. there are lessons we can learn from that. >> nick, cougood to see you.
12:56 pm
see you back stateside. back to you. >> thank you both for joining us live from davos, switzerland. as we have mentioned during the course of the hour, the president expected to speak. he actually did a few minutes ago. here's the tape playback. >> we think it's too bad. i would say this, the state of the union speech has been canceled by nancy pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. she doesn't want the american public to hear what's going on, and she's afraid of the truth. and the super left democrats, the radical democrats, what's going on in that party is shocking. i know many people that were democrats and they're switching over right now and they're switching over quickly. so i hope they know what they're doing for their party. so far they haven't. if you know, i won the senate, meaning we won the snamt all together but you don't get credit for that. they don't talk about that. they talk about the house. i didn't have a chance to -- like many people in kentucky i went and campaigned for andy
12:57 pm
barr and for others ended up winning their races. but i couldn't campaign too much. too many people. we did a great job with the senate and people don't want to talk about it. i will say the american people want to hear the truth, they have to hear the truth and the truth is all about and said, i think and i hope well, we were planning on doing a really very important speech in front of the house and the senate the supreme court and everybody else that's there. it's called the state of the union. it's in the constitution. we're supposed to be doing it, and now nancy pelosi, or nancy as i call her, she doesn't want to hear the truth, and she doesn't want to hear, more importantly, the american people to hear the truth. so we gijust found out she's canceled it. and i think that's a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love. it's a great, great, horrible mark. i don't believe it's ever hand
12:58 pm
before, and it's alwayss always good to be part of history, but this is a very negative part of history. this is where people are afraid to open up and say what's going on. it's a very, very negative part of history. i would like to start today, we're talking about the shutdown. we're talking about some conservative values. these are the great conservative leaders of our country, and they have very strong views and we will be doing that after the press leaves, but they have very strong views -- >> we will continue to watch to see if the president makes news but he addresses the controversy surrounding the state of the union, being essentially canceled or him being disinvited from appearing in front of the house. let's go back one more time to hans nickel at the white house. i believe this might be an official record, four live shots in one hour. hans, you have more and what the president was saying. contextualize it for us on the back and forth.
12:59 pm
>> the president is speak in the past tense. he said the state of the union has been canceled. he seems resigned and shifting the fact to blaming nancy pelosi who he said several moments was the cancellation. that to me is the indication they may not try to reschedule. they talked about a plan b earlier today. from the president's tone just now, it doesn't seem they're inclined to do a plan b and he's resigned and accepted the fact the speaker controls the house, she's not inviting him, she's not going to let him come there and he's not going to be giving that venue. he's trying to shift the blame but in a moment there, i thought that was a presidential almost adopting a defeatist tone. >> i wonder if the president realized -- maybe that realization that the speaker of the house controls the house and building today. hans nickel at the white house, appreciate it, thank you. that wraps up this hour. it's been a busy hour. thank you very much for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone, it's 4:00 in new york. is it time to add witness tamper
1:00 pm
in chief to his title? donald trump's harassment of the family members of michael cohen, his former personal attorney and fixer, prompting cohen to post public testimony planned for february 7th. cohen's attorney lanny davis announcing in a statement today the delay is, quote, due to ongoing threat against his family from president trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani. the president's attacks against michael cohen and his family have come in the now typical trumpian form, via tweet to millions of viewers like this one, quote, lying to reduce his jail time. watch father-in-law. and this recent diatribe on fox news -- >> and in order to get a sentenced reduced, he says i have an idea, i will give you some information on the president. well, there is no information. but he should give information maybe on his father-in-law because that's the one that people want to lk


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